Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Alternate History #56.5"

Just got back from the alternate reality where Ben Franklin was the first Hereditary President of the US. In that universe the Civil War was over Metrification and railroad gauges. The summit party had to change trains on the Nashville-Atlanta line and a banjo duel broke out in the confusion. Sherman’s banjo misfired because he couldn’t get metric strings in Atlanta. Nothing to do but burn the place down and wage terrible war!

Game Mechanics in Second Life?

What does Hamlet mean by "Game Mechanics"? Something like this, perhaps?

Congratulations, you've worn an outfit, you have achieved the Wear An Outfit Award™. You have now filled the top shelf of your Second Life Trophy Case™*.

* To display your Second Life Trophy Case™ in Second Life™, upgrade to a Premium account and set your home position (review Setting Your Home Position Award™ here) to your new Linden Home™ and your Second Life Trophy Case™ will be revealed!

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