Friday, August 16, 2013

Cats and dogs... living together - convergent evolution.

Judge Doom: [picks up the record from the record player - reads] "Merry-Go-Round Broke Down". What a looney selection for a group of drunken reprobates.

[all the drinkers turn away and cough - Doom sniffs the record]

Judge Doom: HE'S HERE!

[throws record like a Frisbee into Stupid's mouth; the other weasels laugh]

Judge Doom: Stop that laughing!

[Hits Smart Ass with his cane]

Judge Doom: Have you forgotten what happened last time? If you don't stop that laughing, you're going to end up dead just like your idiot hyena cousins!

Silly Judge - weasels aren't related to hyenas. Hyenas are in the "cat-like" carnivore family, and weasels are in the "dog-like" family. The doglike nature of the hyena, and the weasel-like nature of the mongoose (a close relative of the hyena) is convergent evolution.

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