Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Headfish comes full circle

Back in the old days, when Taco was still around, Uchi and Loafy and I were hanging around in a skybox high above Dwellget. Uchi attached a Starax goldfish to his head and the headfish was born. My avatar at the time was an otter, so I took to wearing it and handing out copies to people when they asked me about it.

Them: Argent, you have a fish.
Me: What fish?
(hand them a copy, they wear it)
Me: It must be in your head.
(which of course it was by this time)

Cheap yucks, yes, but pretty soon I started seeing people wanding around with Headfish that I'd never met... it had gone viral. People started making more elaborate headfishes, which was cool. A year or so later, 7 Seas shows up, and people's headfishes start getting replaced by 7 Seas fishes. And now...

Making a 7Seas Custom Fish from a STARAX fish!

Yes, someone's reinvented the original inspiration for the whole headfish phenomenon.

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