Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Yet another Erudite Ferret blog!

Just down the street from here!


  1. I can get a SL account now cause my brother just let me. also my brother said he would get one to if he liked it!

    its puddy15

    puddercatt is my email address.

  2. There's like 71 SL accounts starting with "puddy". :)

    None are puddy15, so I guess you haven't joined yet. You need to do that first. Pick a first and last name you like. I woudl suggest a regular first name if you can, most people in SL don't have numbers in their names. You don't have complete choice of last name: SL likes limiting people there. Looking through the current available names list I'd guess something like Snowpaw or Ocelot would be good.

    You can get better control of your name if you log in through one of the portals at slnamewatch.com, most of them let you pick any last name right off the bat instead of having to hit refresh. The one at http://virtualability.org/signup.aspx worked well for me.

  3. ok, Argent im just picking a name now.

  4. i don't know why but i cant get in-world.

    my names Sauria Ocelot

  5. Argent, I've got to say- I'm torn. Every time I see a reply you post on a site, it's well put, intelligent, thought provoking...
    ...but I HATE your avatar. Completely, 100% despise it. I don't know why. And I'm sorry, too; for some reason I feel like I'm offensive in that I find it so unlikable. It's original, cute, fun- technically excellent- but I hate, hate, hate it all the same.
    Just had to get that off my chest. Taka aðgát.

  6. Gabrek: which one, the one from Second Life or the one from Housepets?


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